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Breathing New Life Into Our Communities.

lancaster, PA


OZFund, Inc., is a community-focused Qualified Opportunity Fund ('QOF') with a solution to help revitalize working family neighborhoods by acquiring below market properties located in the 'Opportunity Zones' of Central Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic regions and redeveloping these properties into affordable living accommodations and commercial space for businesses serving the community.

Geared towards taxpayers looking to invest in real estate projects or in operating businesses, Opportunity Zones ('OZ') are tracts of land designated by the Federal government as areas offering special tax breaks to investors who invest in projects located in OZ's.

OZFund focuses on utilizing its wealth of investing knowledge and real estate experience to create safe, affordable housing for America's working families. OZFund may also invest in businesses that lease space from the Company, offering additional returns not usually found with projects of this kind.

Our team has a proven track record of real estate investing and property development from design through construction and execution.

The Company's first project is underway in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Key Facts
ATTRACTIVE RETURNS: OZFund is targeting IRRs of 16% or more.
TEAM: OZFund projects are supported by an experienced team of investors, property developers, architects, and construction professionals with over 100 years of experience.
SHAREHOLDER ALIGNMENT: The Chairman/CEO has invested alongside early accredited Investors.
COMMUNITY FOCUSED: OZFund, Inc. is a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) with plans to design and build affordable rentals.
OPPORTUNITY ZONES: OZFund is a qualified fund formed to invest in projects that improve disadvantaged communities. This program offers significant tax advantages for the investor.


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  • 5. Name Listed As Founder Investor Name will be listed as Founder Investor in Hallway
  • 6. Launch Party Invite to join the OZFund team at the opening of the first OZFund Affordable apartment and commercial space development with all travel and hotel expenses paid*
  • 7. After Party Invite to join the Chairman, Development Team, VIP's, local official and others at the farm of the Chairman and his wife, southern Lancaster County, PA.

Our Team

The people making this happen

Company Member Profile Image
Jeremy Feakins
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

• Oversees entire company management including finance capital, equity, and debt financings and strategic planning functions

• Over 35 years of multi-faceted business and real estate experience including large infrastructure projects

• 8-year veteran of the British Royal Navy (Secretariat/Logistics).

• Graduate of the UK Defence College of Logistics, Administration, and Policing

Company Member Profile Image
Jordan Stewart
Vice President Finance

• Responsible for accounting and finance functions

• More than 10 years of real estate experience

• BS in Math and Business from Lebanon Valley College

• MBA from West Chester University

Company Member Profile Image
Cinthia Kettering
Business Development Director

• Responsible for supporting the day-to-day operational activities and implementation of the vision, goals, and strategic plan of the company

• Manages Insurance functions

• Manages Communication Strategy

• Over 25 years of real estate experience

• Associate degree in Banking Technology

• BA in Law

Company Member Profile Image
Paula Vitz
Government Affairs Director

• Responsible for strategic and political consulting, policy development, lobbying, and advocacy

• BS from Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Our Milestones

Planning our path forward


Opportunity Zone (OZ) program added to the tax code by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, providing tax incentives for investors who invest new capital in businesses operating in one or more OZ’s.


Feasibility study for an affordable apartment Project in the Opportunity Zone at 800 S. Queen St., Lancaster, PA kicks off with a team of architects, construction and land development professionals.


OZFund is formed as a Delaware entity.


Professional Design & Construction, Inc hired as overall project coordinator and construction manager


ELA Land Engineers and Landscape Design hired for land planning and geotechnical support.


Environmental studies completed with no adverse conditions found.


Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership provides $150k low-interest loan to support the pre-development expenses of the project.


Zoning variances approved by Lancaster City Zoning Board.


ELA develops a roadmap to permitting and breaking ground.


Permits received. Groundbreaking and construction starts.


Property development completed, residential and commercial tenants selected.


Investment Risks

Additional information about risks

General Risk

Investing in early stage companies without a proven track record of

performance or sound liquidity such as OZFund, Inc. (the “Company”) is

highly speculative in nature and presents significant risk to you, as the

investor. In short, you may lose your entire investment. Prior to investing,

you need to thoroughly research and understand all potential risk

associated with investing in the Company. Until the Company has achieved

profitability and is without need of raising additional capital, the chance of

you losing your entire investment remains likely. Therefore, you should not

invest more than you are willing to comfortably lose.

Like the Company, many companies engaging in crowd funding are early

stage start-ups with a high likelihood of failure due to various factors

contained in these risk disclosures. Regardless of future revenue and/or

profitability performance, good and bad, there is no guarantee that you will

ever see a return on your investment, or that you will ever be in a place to

exit your investment for a profit or a loss.

As with all investments, you should proceed with caution, do your own

research, due diligence, and seek professional investment advice prior to

investing. A professional adviser may identify and alert you to risk not

covered in these disclosures. The realization of any of the risks contained

herein or unknown risks not disclosed could lead to an immediate need for

the Company to raise additional capital, make difficult and unpopular

operational decisions, or cease operations altogether. You understand that

in the event you lose your entire investment you may have limited or no

recourse against the Company.

Valuation Risk

With early stage investing, start-up valuation accuracy can be difficult to

obtain. Accurate valuation of the Company can be difficult to assess. Public

companies are valued publicly, and valuations are supported through

market driven stock prices and vast amounts of corporate data provided by

the public company. Valuation of a private company is established privately

by the company itself and can be difficult to assess due to the limited

availability of public information and historical records, or limited time in

business. There may exist additional classes of equity with rights that are

superior to the class being sold through this offering. New equity classes

may be created based on future needs of the Company, which may dilute or

devalue prior investor securities

Corporate Governance Risk

The Company is not subject to the corporate governance requirements of

the national securities exchanges. Any company whose securities are listed

on a national securities exchange is subject to a number of rules about

corporate governance intended to protect investors. For example, the

major U.S. stock exchanges require listed companies to maintain an audit

committee comprised entirely of independent members of the board of

directors (i.e., directors with no material outside relationships with the

company or management), responsible for monitoring the company's

compliance with local, state and federal law. The Company does not

possess, nor will it be required to implement these and other such controls

and investor protections

Marketing Risk

Sales and revenue projections are based on hypothetical marketing

estimates. However, the Company may not be able to successfully

maintain, promote and grow the brand through its marketing and

communication strategies. Increasing the number of customers while

establishing brand awareness and loyalty may prove difficult in the hyper

competitive marketplace in which the Company operates. Inability to

successfully market the Company and increase its customer base will

adversely impact the Company's operations and inhibit success while

posing a risk to shareholder investment.

Third Party Risk

The Company relies on multiple third-party services that are essential to its

operations and achievement of business objectives. It is possible that these

third parties will fail to perform their services as represented or will

perform them in an unacceptable manner that will result in a material

negative impact to the Company and shareholder value. Your investment

may be adversely impacted by the Company's reliance on third party service

providers and their performance.

Financial Statement Risk

Unless otherwise indicated, the Company has not provided investors with

financial statements which have been audited by an independent third-party accounting firm. As such, information regarding the Company’s

capitalization, assets and liabilities is unaudited. If you feel that the

information provided by the Company is not sufficient for you to make a

reasonably informed decision, you should not invest in the Company.

Key Person Risk

Due to the Company’s small size, it is susceptible to key person risk. The

success of the Company will largely be dependent upon the experience and

skill of its oversight committee, board of directors, executive officers and

tenured employees. The Company can make no guarantees that key

individuals necessary for successful operation of the business objectives

will continue to be employed by the Company for any defined period of

time. Loss of any key persons for any reason could cause irreparable harm

to the Company’s ability to deliver value to shareholders, meet business

objectives, and could cause the Company and your investment to suffer.

Risk of Limited Operating History

The Company is a newly established entity that lacks a substantial

operating history. Prospective investors will have limited information on

which to base their investment decision

Revenue Risk

The Company is pre-revenue and will face challenges in its efforts to grow

the business and monetize its products and services. It has limited operating capital and will be largely dependent upon its ability to finance operations from the sale of equity, the issuance of debt or other financing alternatives. The Company's failure to successfully raise operating capital or effectively monetize its products could potentially result in an adverse impact to the business, up to and including bankruptcy.

Competitive Risk

The market in which the Company operates is highly competitive and is

likely to become increasingly competitive in the future. The Company may

ultimately face declining sales, decreased revenue or smaller margins as a

direct result of competition in the marketplace. Changes in customer

preference or the inability to successfully compete with other companies

offering a similar product or service could negatively impact the Company's

financial performance.

Demand Risk

Realized market demand for the Company’s Project may not yield

forecasted sales or revenue expectations contained herein. All demand

calculations factored into the forward-looking sales models are based on

hypothetical estimates that may not be obtained when the Project is


Personnel and Management Risk

Investing in the Company is an investment in the founders, employees and

management team. Their ability to execute the business plan and make

sound operational decisions will be important factors in the viability and

success of the Company. As the Company’s investors, you will not be able

to participate directly in the Company’s day-to-day operations or engage

management or other employees. The Company’s security holders do not

have special right of access to the Company unless otherwise granted. Your

investment in the Company will in part be allocated by the Company to fund

employee, management and executive officer compensation. This

compensation is exclusively set by Company leadership.

Use of Funds Risk

The projected use of funds and proceeds from this Regulation CF offering is

a best estimate. Actual capital allocation may differ based on business

conditions at time of execution and is solely based on the Company's

discretion. The Company’s investors should be comfortable with the

provided intended fund usage description and understand the Company's

leadership and management team reserves the right to re-allocate use of

proceed funds based on the needs of the Company.

Credit Risk

There is a high likelihood that the Company will require access to capital or

credit in order to support business growth finance requirements. Acquiring

extensions of credit with favorable terms can be challenging and is highly

dependent upon macro-economic conditions coupled with

aforementioned internal and external known and unknown factors. If the

Company is unable to obtain needed credit it could be forced to modify

business strategy, growth projections, or take other action necessary to

raise additional capital or conserve existing funds. The Company's inability

to secure future credit could adversely impact the business, its valuation,

and/or the value of shareholder securities.

Capital Risk

The Company requires ongoing intensive capital formation and allocation

until profitability is achieved which may not happen due to various internal

and external known and unknown factors. The amount of capital the

Company is attempting to raise in this offering will not be enough to sustain

its business operations to profitability. The Company will have to raise

additional capital to continue development and fund operations and

expansion. There is no guarantee that additional capital will be able to be

raised by the Company even if this raise is successful. If the Company is

unable to acquire additional capital it may be required to alter its business

plan, business strategy, sell assets, reduce workforce, restructure under

the protections of a bankruptcy filing, or cease operations and dissolve.

Under such scenarios, no return of capital, shareholder settlement or

refund would be issued to investors. The Company's inability to secure

future capital could adversely impact the business, its valuation, and/or the

value of shareholder securities.

Disclosure Risk

Data and information regarding the Company and the investment

opportunity is limited. You may not have or be able to obtain all the

information requested or sought after in order to make a sound investment

decision. While the Company is required to disclose certain information

such as an offering document, annual financial statements, annual reports,

information concerning intended use of funds and material changes, such

disclosures and information contained herein do not represent all the data

or risks associated with investing in early stage companies such as the


Available information will be limited as the Company does not have a fully

developed business plan and long history of operation. Investing in

crowdfunding companies presents significantly more risk than investing in

publicly traded companies due to the limited amount of data and

information provided by a company engaging in a Regulation CF raise.

Unlike the Company, publicly listed companies are required to file annual

and quarterly reports and promptly disclose material information,

providing the ability for the investor to more closely and thoroughly

monitor their investment.

Liquidity Risk

The Company’s securities will be illiquid. The Company’s securities may not

be converted into cash.

With limited exceptions, you will not be lawfully able to sell or transfer your

securities during the initial mandatory 12-month lock-up period. After this

period, Federal and State securities regulations may limit or restrict your

ability to sell or transfer your securities. In the event you are able to sell

your securities you will likely have a hard time finding a buyer due to a lack

of an established market, and, if such a marketplace exists, it may experience low volume or few participants. You should be prepared to hold

your investment for a very long time.

Performance Risk

There is a high likelihood that future Company performance may not

achieve its stated objectives herein. All statements, claims and

representations of future performance are for the most part hypothetical,

based on management's good faith and best efforts estimates, analysis, and

forecasts. Current management expectations and projections regarding

future performance, financial trends, societal trends, economic trends, and

other reasonable beliefs impacting the business, financial conditions, and

the results of its operations form the basis for the projections and other

forward-looking statements made herein. As socioeconomic trends

change, there is a high likelihood that such assumptions made in good faith

and contained herein may become less reliable creating a circumstance

where adjustments to the Company’s operations may be required.

Achievement of stated performance contains risks based on known and

unknown internal and external factors that could lead to material changes

or variations of actual results. There is no guarantee that the Company's

financial and operations performance will meet expectations or herein

stated projections and forward-looking statements.

Economic Risk

The Company’s success is extremely sensitive to various known and

unknown internal and external societal, regulatory, and economic factors.

These factors may impact the performance of the Company and its ability

to achieve stated objectives.

Known factors include, but are not limited to:

• Local, regional, national, or global economic recessions;

• Changes in capital market conditions and the Company's ability to obtain

future funding;

• Changes or declines in employment within the Company and outside the


• Domestic or international tax policy changes;

• Domestic and global political conditions;

• Wars, natural disasters and other potential crisis.

Unknown factors include ones undisclosed herein that have a high

likelihood of occurring without forewarning or knowledge thereof. Such

events could lead to a sudden and intense need for the Company to raise

additional capital, make difficult and unpopular operational decisions, or

cease operations.


If funds in excess of those raised are needed by the Company, the Company

retains the right to obtain a loan or additional debt, the repayment of which

will take priority over the payment of dividends, revenue sharing returns

and prior debt offerings to investors.

Fraud Risk

There is no guarantee that any investment is immune from fraud. While

most public offerings, including Regulation CF offerings, require screening

standards, oversight and reviews, the risk of fraud remains high when

investing in any early stage company including start-ups such as the

Company. There is no guarantee as to the validity or accuracy of the

Company’s claims or representations about technology, projections and

forward-looking statements, advertising materials related to this

crowdfunding raise, or past or future performance. You are required to

undertake your own diligence and/or consult your financial advisor with

respect to the accuracy and validity of the Company’s materials.

Dilution Risk

The Company plans to raise more capital in the future with possibly more

than one round of funding. Dependent upon the offering, new investors

may receive additional equity shares in the Company and existing

shareholders may experience a decrease in ownership percentage (dilution)

upon the issuance of new shares by the Company, possibly at a lower price.

Future offerings may provide the new investors with advantages not

available to you as a previous investor


What our supporters have to say

"Lancaster City Alliance is pleased to support the residential/commercial project planned by the OZFund in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It will provide attractive new housing and commercial opportunities."

- Jeremy Young

Community & Economic Development Manager

"The plans align with the City of Lancaster’s policy goals to expand housing supply, offer additional affordable housing options in the city and foster neighborhood amenities and services."

- Chris Delfs

Director of Community Planning and Development

"The Opportunity Zone legislation has used several big tax benefits to allow investors to improve the quality of living for those in high need … and deliver solid returns on investment. This Fund has"

- Chad Rodenberger, MD

OZFund Investor

"It was a fantastic opportunity to invest with Jeremy and his team alongside so many other purposeful investors as well as taking advantage of the tax incentives of the OZFund. It was a win-win."

- Nathan Shea


"This project will offer much-needed medical services, food service, daycare, and a general store. All these positive attributes helped me in my decision to invest in the OZFund."

- John Suarez

OZFund Investor


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Frequently Asked Questions


Opportunity Zones were created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. These zones are designed to spur economic development and job creation in distressed communities throughout the country and U.S. possessions by providing tax benefits to individuals who invest into these communities. For investors who invest a capital gain, there are special tax benefits, but you do not need a capital gain to invest in this project.


Accredited investors can invest in a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF), like the OZFund. The OZFund is a real estate fund that intends to develop affordable apartments and commercial space starting with the prior Rebmans Property on South Queen Street in Lancaster, PA. The return on your investment in the OZFund is worth it, regardless if you have a capital gain to invest or not.


Approximately 18 months from Spring of 2022.


The overall project coordinator and construction contractor is Professional Design and Construction (PD&C). PD&C is a successful 30-year-old experienced design and construction firm based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with multiple large commercial construction projects to their credit.


We may sell the building or refinance it in the 10-year horizon but this will only be done as a benefit to our investors.


We believe the possibility an investor may lose all or a part of his/her investment in this project is low; however, there is always a risk in any type of investment. This is explained in great detail in our offering documents. Our financial model suggests that based on the current building valuation and future improvements we make to the property; we estimate that equity investments in our fund will be more than adequately covered by the property valuation of the completed project and ultimately, proceeds from the sale of the building. The value of the building increases greatly when the development is completed and the apartments and spaces are fully rented. Another factor to consider is the increase in Lancaster property values generally, as we’ve seen in recent years with all of the new developments either under construction and/or fully completed.


In year 1, we will break-even at about 15-20% residential vacancy or about 30% commercial vacancy. However, we think both residential and commercial will be rented very quickly and we will have a waiting list. This is due, in part, because of a lack of affordable housing and commercial space in the area.


A huge benefit of the Opportunity Zone legislation is that it allows investors to receive a reduction in capital gains owed. After five years of investing in an Opportunity Zone, any reinvested profits experience a 10% increase in basis.


o Lancaster City Alliance, an organization dedicated to the City of Lancaster with a mission of improving the City’s financial stability, public safety and quality of life.

o Community First Fund, a community development financial institution in Pennsylvania that provides funding for five critical pillars - economic security, affordable housing, food resources, accessible healthcare and educational opportunities - Community First Fund is building bridges to vibrant and healthy communities.

o City of Lancaster – Mayor’s Office


In Lancaster County, renters make up 29.11% of the population of approximately 550,000 people.


Lancaster is experiencing extraordinary investment. And while this includes significant residential development, it was recently reported of the almost 750 new units (rental and for sale) recently completed, under construction or planned, currently less than 20 percent are considered affordable. According to a December 2019 report in the Lancaster Newspaper, ‘….the shortage of affordable housing in eastern Lancaster County [is] reaching crisis proportions’.


The sale of the building after the 10- year window to take advantage of the OZ. We will sell at the most advantageous time and, if that is early on in the 10-year window, we would want to start another project with the proceeds.

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